Robert Cannon

Robert E. Cannon

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Delaware
441 Eberhart Building
336) 256-0071

Microbial/molecular genetics, microbial ecology, and textile application of bacterial cellulose.

Stanley Faeth

Stanley H. Faeth

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Florida State University
312 Eberhart Building
(336) 334-5391

Ecology and evolution of plant-microbe-herbivore interactions; urban ecology.

Vincent Henrich

Vincent C. Henrich

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
211 Eberhart Building
(336) 334-4775

Gene-environment interactions affecting human conditions; nuclear receptor biology.

Anne Hershey

Anne E. Hershey

Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professor Emerita
Ph.D., North Carolina State University
326 Sullivan Science Building
(336) 256-2473

Aquatic ecology, trophic interactions in lakes and streams.

Elizabeth Lacey

Elizabeth P. Lacey

Professor Emerita
Ph.D., University of Michigan
417 Eberhart Building
(336) 334-4955

Evolutionary plant ecology, reproductive biology, thermal acclimation of plants, maternal effects, responses to global warming.

Esther M. Leise

Esther Leise

Professor Emerita
Ph.D., University of Washington
418 Eberhart Building
(336) 334-4957

Neural control of metamorphosis in marine molluscs, invertebrate neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.

Parke A. Rublee

Parke A. Rublee

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., North Carolina State University
409 Eberhart Building
(336) 256-0067

Microbial food chains in aquatic ecosystems, harmful algal blooms.