Anne E. Hershey

Anne E. Hershey

Anne Hershey

Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professor Emerita

(336) 256-2473
415 Eberhart


Aquatic ecology, trophic interactions in lakes and streams.


Ph.D., North Carolina State University


My current research interests concern the ecology of rural and urban NC Piedmont streams, including effects of stream restoration on ecological processes, methane cycling and use of methane-derived carbon in stream food webs, fate of anthropogenic nitrogen in streams, and fate of coal ash contaminants in the Dan River food web.

Urban Stream Ecology

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Arctic Freshwater Ecology

Hershey, A. E., R. M. Northington, J. Hart-Smith, M. Bostick, and S. C. Whalen. 2015. Sediment methane flux, methane oxidation and use of methane-derived carbon in arctic lake sediments. Limnology and Oceanography 60:276-285.

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Hershey, A. E., R. M. Northington, and S. C. Whalen. 2014. Substrate limitation of sediment methane flux, methane oxidation and use of stable isotopes for assessing methanogenesis pathways in a small arctic lake. Biogeochemistry 117:325-336. (DOI 10.1007/s10533-013-9864-y)

Lofton, D. D., S. C. Whalen, and A. E. Hershey. 2014. Effect of temperature on methane production and oxidation and evaluation of methane oxidation kinetics in two shallow arctic Alaskan lakes. Hydrobiology 721:209-222.

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General Aquatic Ecology

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The Biosphere (BIO 431)
Aquatic Ecology (BIO 529)
Stream Ecology (BIO 641)
Advanced topics (BIO 549) offerings in Stable Isotope Ecology and Reading in Aquatic Ecology