John J. Lepri

John J. Lepri

John J. Lepri

Director of General Biology

(336) 334-4132
419 Eberhart Building


Research in mammalian reproduction, Biology Honors liaison, and teacher licensure coordinator.


Ph.D., North Carolina State University


John Lepri is interested in varied problems in organismal biology, especially concerning physiology. He teaches courses animal physiology, biological clocks, endocrinology, and vertebrate reproduction. Working with graduate students on the basic reproductive biology of house mice, kangaroo rats and voles, his students have generated 14 masters theses, and he has worked as a professional consultant with pharmaceutical colleagues. Serving in the assessment operations for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Biology program has crossed his path with those of many outstanding teachers, and he now pursues scholarly activity related to teacher preparation and student development. He is currently developing and delivering new course content in UNCG’s Integrated Science curriculum for future teachers of high-school science classes. He is a co-PI on an NSF grant that helps K-12 students gain access to scientific experiences under the direction of graduate students from UNCG. He also teaches courses for UNCG’s Integrated Science program in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. He is the Honors Liaison for Biology Undergraduate Disciplinary Honors and the Program Coordinator for high school science teaching licensure in Comprehensive Sciences.

Recent Publications:

Lepri, J. and F. Bell. 2012. Strive for a Five: Preparing for the Biology AP Examination, to accompany D.M. Hillis, H.C. Heller, D. Sadava & M.V. Price. 2012. Principles of Life. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.

Alston-Mills B, Lepri JJ, Martin CA. 2011. Modulation of mammary gland development in pre-pubertal mice as affected by soya and milk protein supplements. British Journal of Nutrition 06(4):502-9. Epub 2011 Mar 9.

Lepri, J. J. 2004. Self measurement of biological rhythms. Custom Lab Manual in Human Physiology. Pearson/Benjamin Cummings.

Marchlewska-Koj, A., J. J. Lepri and D. Muller-Schwarze (editors). 2001. Chemical Signals in Vertebrates IX. Kluwer/Academic Press. 502 pages.

Caldwell, H. K. and J. J. Lepri. 2001. Disruption of the fifth melanocortin receptor alters the urinary excretion of aggression-modifying pheromones in male house mice. Chemical Senses 27:91-94.

Lepri, J.J. 2000. Ten years of lessons in physiology instruction: test often and test deep. in Tools for Better Learning: Reshaping Undergraduate Science and Engineering Education, Sigma Xi Forum Proceedings, “.” Minneapolis, MN.


Principles of Biology I (BIO 111)
Biophysics of the Human Body (ISC 111)
Milestones of Science (ISC 211)
Biological Clocks (BIO 425)
Animal Physiology (BIO 477)
Chemical Senses (BIO 567)
Vertebrate Reproduction (BIO 555)
Advanced Topics on Hormones and Animal Behavior