Graduate Student Assistantships, Tuition, and Fees | Department of Biology

Graduate Student Assistantships, Tuition, and Fees

All PhD and MS-thesis applicants will be considered for an assistantship for instruction (GIA) or research (GRA) in the Department of Biology. All students are responsible for paying student fees and health insurance every semester. If the student has been notified that they will receive an assistantship with an in– or out-of-state tuition waiver, that does not cover student fees or health insurance. Assistantships are paid in monthly installments beginning August 31st and ending May 31st for 20 hours of work per week (Graduate student employment policy). Summer assistantships are limited and not included with the academic year assignments. All students should confirm their financial package with their advisor.


Tuition and Fees


Tuition                                       $2,609.50 (in-state)            $9,468.50 (out-of-state)             

MS does not typically include tuition waiver; due every semester; tuition cost based on registration as a full-time student


Student fees                                 $1,538                                                                                            

Not covered by tuition waivers; due every semester (Graduate tuition and fees)


International fee                          $300                                                                                              

All international students are charged this extra student fee


Health insurance                        $1,352.08                                                                                       

Not covered by tuition waivers; due every semester; cost is based on Student Blue health insurance. UNCG students are automatically enrolled in Student Blue and can waive coverage if they find health insurance off-campus. All students are required to have health insurance.


Students are subject to late fees if payment deadlines are not met


How to read your bill

How to pay

Payment plan eligibility and deadlines


Additional Funding Opportunities

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for grants, awards, and fellowships to supplement their income and support their research at UNCG.

Department of Biology Graduate Research Support Grant (link coming soon)

Department of Biology Graduate Travel Support Grant

Graduate School Fellowships

Graduate Student Association Funding

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

NIH Research Grants

USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Grant

Department of Energy Funding Opportunity Announcements

Ford Foundation Grants

Graduate Women in Science Fellowship

PhD Scholarships for Women