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International Students

Pre-Arrival Steps

Find the recommended steps for confirming your admission, applying for a visa, arranging travel, and setting up your student account here.

On-Campus checklist

Print out this PDF as a guide for how to get your Social Security Number, complete your I-9 documentation to start getting paid, and set up a bank account.

Campus Resources

The International Programs Center website lists academic, social, mental health, career, financial, and legal resources for new and continuing students.


Looking for housing?

New students may be charged for housing unless they opt-out of on-campus housing before the first day of class. To understand the charges on your student account, view an example billing statement here.

If you see a charge for Residence Hall and do not plan to live on campus, e-mail

To view graduate student campus housing, go to Lofts on Lee.

E-mail for more information about off-campus housing options.



International students may have to manually opt-out of services or fees that will otherwise be charged to their bill. For an example of where to find charges on your billing statement, view an example statement here. All international students are charged a $300 fee every semester. UNCG students are automatically enrolled in Student Blue health insurance and can waive coverage if they find health insurance off-campus. All students are required to have health insurance.


Charges to take action on:

Residence hall fee

→ If you are not living on campus, e-mail to opt-out

Meal plan

→ Learn more about our campus dining options, meal plans, and how to change your meal plan selection here

First Day Complete

→ UNCG has a textbook rental program that charges $20 per credit hour. Log in to UNCGenie and click on the First Day Complete icon to opt-out if you see this charge on your billing statement


Students are subject to late fees if payment deadlines are not met.