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Biology Conference Room Sign-Up

We are now moving to a digital calendar to sign-up for both the Eberhart Conference Room, 310 Eberhart, and the Sullivan Science Conference Room, 301 SSB. Please carefully read the instructions below for how to sign-up for the conference rooms.

Directions for Signing Up:

Please log-in to the Calcium Web Calendar here: Calcium Web Calendar Login

Please refer to the username and password you received via email. (If you’re unsure of the username or password please email the biology front office). Once you’re logged in please click on the respective link of the calendar you’re wishing to sign-up for. You can then select the date you’d like to sign up for by clicking on the number of the date. (See blue arrow at right.) This will bring up a new window where you can enter the details for when you can sign-up for the conference room.

Please be sure you include the following details when signing up:

  • Your name, lab identifier, or class name
  • Your UNCG username

This information will be in the field marked ‘Enter text for a new event:

Please also be sure that you’re not forgetting to select the correct AM/PM designation for your timeslot selection. You can also select a specific color for the background of your entry onto the calendar by clicking the ‘Color Names’ link and entering the color name in the ‘Background’ section. Once you’ve entered the correct parameters click on ‘Create Event’ to finalize your selection of the timeslot of interest on the calendar.

The sign-up page also has sections where you can repeat events or send email notifications and reminders.

Conflicting Timeslots and Cancelling Timeslots

The system will not let you sign-up for conflicting or overlapping time-slots. You will get an error and it will ask you to select a different time period. If you determine that you’ll no longer need your timeslot, please send an email to Merideth Urban in the biology office at to cancel your timeslot.

Direct Links to Calendars to Check Availability

Eberhart Conference Room Calendar

Sullivan Science Building Conference Room Calendar

Questions? Concerns?

External users that wish to use the department conference rooms can contact the department via email at or via phone at (336) 334-5391 for details on registering for a timeslot. Current users that have questions can contact either Merideth Urban in the biology front office.