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Confocal Microscopy Facility

Sullivan Science Building 353
Phone: (336) 334-4029

The UNCG confocal microscopy facility is located in SSB 353. The facility provides access to confocal microscopy equipment and image processing resources. Access is on a fee for use basis.

This confocal microscope was purchased and supported by grant DBI-0319021 from the National Science Foundation, grant 2003-IDG-1011 from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and by funds from UNCG Department of Biology and Office of the Provost.

Facility Resources

Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope
Prior Scientific ProScan™ Motorized Stage including Software integrated Stage Mapping

Available Objectives:
Position 1: UPlanApo 10x/0.40 infinity 8/0.17
Position 2: UPlanApo 20x/0.70 infinty 8/0.17
Position 3: UPlanFL 40x/1.30 Oil infinity 8/0.17
Position 4: PlanApo 60x/1.40 Oil infinity 8/0.17
Position 5: Open
Position 6: UPlanApo 40x/0.85 infinity 8 0.11-0.23
Available for use upon request:
UplanApo 60x/1.20 Water infinity 8 0.13-0.21

UIS Fluorescence Mirror units:

Available lasers:
Multi-line Argon laser (457nm, 488nm, 514nm)
Green Helium Neon laser (543nm)
Red Helium Neon laser (633nm)
Blue Diode laser (405nm)

Supplemental Analysis Software:
Olympus Microsuite FIVE

A separate imaging workstation with Fluoview review software and Microsuite software is available for use.


Sign up policies for internal and extramural users:
All policies are subject to change without notice.

All extramural users are required to make payment arrangements, booking arrangements and submit a usage agreement prior to their first session. All extramural user time must be negotiated prior to their first booking.

The confocal committee will negotiate all usage problems.

Internal and extramural users may sign up for available time slots a maximum of 48 hours prior to use. Sign up for a time slot by contacting the facility manager with your request. If you are unable to utilize your reserved time please inform the facility manager immediately so you can be removed from the schedule.

When booking available time slots please include your name, your PI name (if applicable) and a telephone number where you can be reached to confirm your appointment.

All students and Researchers must complete a training session(s) specific to our facility to be approved to use the facility, in addition to acquiring approval from the facility manager prior to requesting time.

Facility hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The facility is closed during all of the recognized university holidays. After hours access to the facility is available to approved users only.

UNCG Faculty and all Extramural Researchers are fully responsible for their students and or technical staff using the facility.

Please report any mechanical or technical issues with facility equipment to the facility manager immediately via voice mail. This applies to all emergencies occurring at anytime. Dial (336) 256-0574 (6-0574)

Some general confocal facility Do’s & Don’ts that should be practiced:

Do not touch anything on the shelf the multi line laser is sitting on
Do cover the scope after use! Do not cover the epifluorescent unit until it is completely cool!
Do not change any instrument settings in the software that will not be reset to the default value after closing the program
Do be careful with the use of immersion oil. The 40x & 60x located in positions 3 & 4 on the nosepiece are both oil immersion objectives. The 40x in position 6 is a high dry.
Do leave the multi line argon laser cooling fan on. This will cut itself off after 3 minutes. Then the toggle switch may be turned off.
Please leave the facility as you found it. Clean and Straight

If you are unsure about the proper use of any of the equipment in the confocal microscopy facility please ask some one before you make a costly assumption.

Facility resource fees

All outside users must make arrangements for scheduling, billing and payment prior to using the facility.
All fees are charged on a per quarter hour basis.
The fees listed below are charged to UNCG user accounts quarterly as of 01/01/2010

User Hourly Rate To include:
UNCG Internal $30.00 Limited technical instruction and supervision
UNCG Internal $60.00 Technical assistance
Extramural user $110.00 Limited technical instruction and supervision
Extramural user $170.00 Technical assistance

Resource booking

If you are an internal user interested in booking time please contact the facility manager to do so.

When booking available time slots through Calcium please include your name, your PI name (if applicable) and a phone number where you can be reached to confirm your appointment.

Current users may log in to Calcium here. After log in you will be able to view both calendars and book available time slots.
View FLUOVIEW 500 availability
View the imaging workstation availability

Facility contacts


Head of Confocal Committee: John Tomkiel Dean, Ph.D.

Confocal Committee Members:
Paul A. Steimle,Ph.D.
Esther Leise , Ph.D.
Mark D. Hens , Ph.D.

Technical Staff / Facility Manager / Emergency Contact
Lee Griffin
Office Phone (336) 334-4976