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Microscopy Facility

The Microscopy lab provides access to microscopy equipment and image processing resources. The lab’s core mission is enhance research capabilities and provide an environment that promotes undergraduate and graduate students research

For access to department calendars including conference rooms, microscopes, autoclaves, and greenhouses, e-mail bio@uncg.edu

Lab Equipment

All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope – Keyence BZ-X710

  • Available objectives:
    Position 1: PlanApo 2x/0.10 Infinity/WD 8.5
    Position 2: PlanApo 10x/0.45 Infinity/WD 4
    Position 3: PlanApo 20x/0.75 Infinity/WD 1
    Position 4: S PlanFluor ELWD 40x/0.60 Ph2
  • Available filters:
    Channel 1: GFP
    Channel 2: TxRed
    Channel 3: DAPI
    Channel 4: Brightfield/Phase contrast
    (Available upon request: Cy5)

Confocal Microscope – Olympus FLUOVIEW FV5OO/IX81

  • Available Objectives:
    Position 1: UPlanApo 10x/0.40 infinity 8/0.17
    Position 2: UPlanApo 20x/0.70 infinty 8/0.17
    Position 3: UPlanFL 40x/1.30 Oil infinity 8/0.17
    Position 4: PlanApo 60x/1.40 Oil infinity 8/0.17
    Position 5: Open
    Position 6: UPlanApo 40x/0.85 infinity 8 0.11-0.23
    (Available upon request: UplanApo 60x/1.20 Water infinity 8 0.13-0.21)
  • UIS Fluorescence Mirror units:
  • Available lasers:
    Multi-line Argon laser (457nm, 488nm, 514nm)
    Green Helium Neon laser (543nm)
    Red Helium Neon laser (633nm)
    Blue Diode laser (405nm)
  • Supplemental Analysis Software:
    Olympus Microsuite FIVE

Booking Lab

To schedule training and time in the lab, please contact Lee Griffin by calling 336-334-4976, or  email.

Lab Fees

User Hourly Rate Includes
Confocal $25.00 – $50.00 Training and Supervision
Keyence $10.00 – $20.00 Training and Supervision


The Microscope was purchased and supported by the MRI/RUI-Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Multiple Users at UNCG grant given by the National Science Foundation(DBI-0319021), and by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (2003-IDG-1011)


Sullivan Building – Room 353


Facility contacts
John Tomkiel Dean
Mark D. Hens
Paul A. Steimle


Lee Griffin
(336) 334-4976