Flow Cytometer Facility | Department of Biology

Flow Cytometer Facility

232 Eberhart Building, Cutter Lab

The UNCG Biology Department Flow Cytometer is located in the Cutter Lab on the 2nd floor of the Eberhart building. The facility provides the Biology Department with various assays and modules used to enhance the research capabilities of the biology researchers and students.

Facility Resources

Guava easyCyte 6-2L

The following modules are installed on the computer:

  • Guava inCyte
  • Guava ViaCount
  • Guava Nexin
  • Guava Caspase
  • Guava TUNEL
  • Guava Cell Cycle
  • Guava CellPaint
  • Guava CellToxicity
  • Guava ExpressPro
  • Guava MitoPotential
  • Guava CellGrowth


To use the Guava easyCyte you must sign up for time on the calendar at least 24 hours in advance. You must have a log-on and you must include a phone number where you can be reached.

Guava easyCyte Sign-up Calendar

To get a log-on for the sign-up calendar and to be trained please contact Anna at (336) 256-0574 or via email.

Whenever you are done with your experiment please run a FULL cleaning cycle. Please also leave a full tube of water in the back position so that the flow cell remains submerged. This is important for extending the life of both the flow cell and the pump.

DO NOT remove the flow cell from the machine. If you suspect your flow cell is clogged or if your acquisition stops immediately, contact Anna.

Please DO empty the waste container when it is full or nearly full or after your are finished with your experiments for the session. Please follow all proper disposal procedures.

Currently there is a $20 fee per hour of usage associated with using the flow cytometer. Billing will occur quarterly. External users to the department will be billed upon completion of usage.