Cutter Lab | Department of Biology

Cutter Lab

The Cutter Lab offers various assays and modules used to enhance the research capabilities of our biology researchers and students

Lab Equipment

Flow Cytometer – Guava easyCyte 6-2L

  • Modules Available
  • Guava inCyte
  • Guava ViaCount
  • Guava Nexin
  • Guava Caspase
  • Guava TUNEL
  • Guava Cell Cycle
  • Guava CellPaint
  • Guava CellToxicity
  • Guava ExpressPro
  • Guava MitoPotential
  • Guava CellGrowth

Additional Equipment

  • StepOne real-time 48-well PCR
  • StepOne Plus real-time 96-well PCR
  • Duel 48-well PCR system
  • BioRad Chemidoc XRS Imaging System
  • Biotek Microplate Reader Synergy 2
  • Beckman large refrigerated centrifuge with a variety of rotors
  • Fisher benchtop refrigerated centrifuge with a variety of rotors
  • Fisher touchscreen Nanodrop
  • Vacuum Concentrator Pump
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Nikon Dissecting Microscope (currently broken but I think it’s fixable)
  • Nikon Optical Microscope with 5 lenses up to 100x
  • Barnstead Nanopure Water System
  • Reverse Osmosos Water System
  • Ice Machines
  • Growth Chambers
  • Washer and Dryer


Small autoclave – Eberhart 313
Large autoclave – Eberhart 407

Booking Lab

  • To schedule training and time in the lab, please contact Emily Lehman by calling 336-256-0067, or  email

Lab Fees

User Hourly Rate Includes
Flow Cytometer $20.00 Training and Supervision


Eberhart Building – Room 232


Emily Lehman