Cutter Lab | Department of Biology

Cutter Lab

The Cutter Lab offers various assays and modules used to enhance the research capabilities of our biology researchers and students

For access to department calendars including conference rooms, microscopes, autoclaves, and greenhouses, e-mail

Lab Equipment

Flow Cytometer – Guava easyCyte 6-2L

  • Modules Available
  • Guava inCyte
  • Guava ViaCount
  • Guava Nexin
  • Guava Caspase
  • Guava TUNEL
  • Guava Cell Cycle
  • Guava CellPaint
  • Guava CellToxicity
  • Guava ExpressPro
  • Guava MitoPotential
  • Guava CellGrowth

Additional Equipment

  • StepOne real-time 48-well PCR
  • StepOne Plus real-time 96-well PCR
  • Duel 48-well PCR system
  • BioRad Chemidoc XRS Imaging System
  • Biotek Microplate Reader Synergy 2
  • Beckman large refrigerated centrifuge with a variety of rotors
  • Fisher benchtop refrigerated centrifuge with a variety of rotors
  • Fisher touchscreen Nanodrop
  • Vacuum Concentrator Pump
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Nikon Dissecting Microscope (currently broken but I think it’s fixable)
  • Nikon Optical Microscope with 5 lenses up to 100x
  • Barnstead Nanopure Water System
  • Reverse Osmosos Water System
  • Ice Machines
  • Growth Chambers
  • Washer and Dryer


Small autoclave – Eberhart 313
Large autoclave – Eberhart 407

Booking Lab

  • To schedule training and time in the lab, please contact Emily Lehman by calling 336-256-0067, or  email

Lab Fees

User Hourly Rate Includes
Flow Cytometer $20.00 Training and Supervision


Eberhart Building – Room 232


Emily Lehman