Dr. Richard Edelmann

Art, Science, Photography: Catching Lightning

Richard Edelmann

Dr. Richard Edelmann

September 21, 2022

Hosted By Dr. John Kiss

Humans collect the vast majority of their experiences of the world through their visual cortex, even blind individuals.  Light is received through the eyes, collected by the retina, and processed by the brain. Since the earliest proto-humans walked the earth, we have been attempting to record these visions and we have found that more often than not, what we “see” is not what is “there.”  Artists, philosophers, and scientists have each provided interpretations of the universe around us. The inventions of telescopes, microscopes, and photography have each expanded our visual world, and each have been depicted as “definitive”, “non-interpretative” information tools of science.  Tools of scientific truth, and not “artistic visions”…but is it really science vs art?  This talk will focus on the development of photography as a tool for capturing the universe around and within ourselves.