Dr. Karin Burghardt

Plant-insect interactions in human-dominated ecosystems

Dr. Karin Burghardt
University of Maryland College Park

November 17, 2023

Hosted By Dr. Sally Koerner


Humans modify vast swaths of the earth for food, material, shelter, and recreation. What are the implications of these modifications for the ecology of plants and animals living in these spaces with humans? In this seminar, I will explore this question through three vignettes of ongoing research projects in the lab: 1) the effect of historic redlining (housing policy) on current street tree communities in Baltimore, MD; 2) how tree planting diversity in restorations or managed forests alters insect food webs; and 3) the impact of yard landscaping decisions such as autumn leaf removal on the biodiversity and overwintering success of beneficial insect species. Throughout I will highlight how basic ecological principles can help us understand the potential feedbacks between ecology and policy in human-dominated spaces.