Projects | Rueppell Research Group


Social Behavior

Living in large societies, such as honey bee colonies, requires and allows for behavioral innovations. We are interested in how […]

Aging Research and Biodemography

Honey bees are unique models to understand the biology of aging because they show extreme plasticity in aging and live […]

Honey Bee Viruses

Numerous viruses have been discovered in honey bees and we focus on the important Deformed Wing Virus and Israeli Acute […]

Genetics of Complex Traits

Most important traits are complex and we study the genetic architecture of several such traits to explore the connection between […]

Biology of Stress

We seek to explore different model stressors and the honey bee’s biological responses to them because stress and stress resistance […]

Ectoparasitic Varroa Mites

We study the biotic interactions between the ectoparasitic Varroa mite and its honey bee host. Varroa is regarded by many […]

Recombination and Genomes of Social Insects

We are interested in understanding how and why social evolution affects genome features, such as the extraordinary meiotic recombination rate of honey bees.