Instruction and Outreach | Rueppell Research Group

Instruction and Outreach

In classes, I seek for my students to play an active role in their learning and try to entice them to push themselves as far as they can go. Knowledge is valuable but what really counts for me is whether it can be applied. At UNCG, I have taught the following classroom courses (general course descriptions can be found here for undergrads and here for graduates):

BIO111: Principles of Biology I Lecture

BIO111-L: Principles of Biology Lab

BIO341: Invertebrate Zoology Lecture

BIO341-L: Invertebrate Zoology Lab

BIO438: Animal Behavior Lecture

BIO536: Biology of Aging Lecture

BIO541: Entomology Lecture and Lab

BIO596: Molecular Biological Approaches in Research Seminar

BIO600: Introduction to Graduate Studies Seminar

BIO707: Seminar in Environmental Health Science


I am open to teaching new courses and would encourage students who perceive a need for a class in my areas of expertise to contact me, so that I can assess student interests.


Our group is also involved in a lot of outreach – instruction of the general public – where we share our scientific experiences and knowledge about honey bee biology, the importance of pollinators, and science in general. We visit schools, give presentations to groups of citizens, such as beekeeping clubs, and regularly participate in the “Bee Friendly to Bees” day in Greensboro and the “Science Everywhere” event hosted by UNCG.