Peabody Park Spring 2024 Ivy Pull

Peabody Park Spring 2024 Ivy Pull

April 12, 2024
12:00-2:00 pm

Enjoy a couple of hours outdoors and relieve your late-semester stress. Sponsored by UNCG Peabody Park Preservation Committee and Office of Sustainability. This spring, we will focus on removing bush honeysuckle and English ivy, two woodland invasives. We will also collect and remove any trash that we find.

Important General Information: Date: Friday, April 12th, Time: 12 noon – 2 PMMeeting PlacePeabody Park Bridge, just beyond Grogan and Cone residence halls towards the Music building (See X on map)

 WHAT TO WEAR: OLD clothes, long pants, long sleeves, a hat, and closed shoes (no sandals)!

(We will provide water and gloves but bring your own gloves and water bottle if you have them.)

         If you can, leave bookbags, electronic devices, and the like at home.



Group leaders needed – Grad students? Others?      

  • Can you lead a group of ~5 undergrads? It is easy!! Please tell Alyssa Young or Melanie Stadler (our grad student PPPC representatives) if you can help.


For faculty sending students from their classes:

  • If you would like to encourage your students to participate, please email Dr. Lacey so that we can discuss how many of your students we can handle. We want students to have a positive experience, and we have to limit the number that we can accommodate. (max= 60) Thanks!
  • If you plan to give students credit for attending, please arrange for someone to take attendance.


Your contributions do make a difference!!