Winnell Newman

After completing her master’s degree with Dr. Bruce Kirchoff, Winnell Newman moved to North Carolina State University where she has been for the past 21 years. For 10 years, she was Director of the Nucleic Acids Facility and then there were 5 years as lab manager for two different faculty members in Genetics and Biochemistry. For the past 6 years, Winnell has been Manager of Student Programs for the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC), which provides educational and training opportunities to develop skilled professionals for the biomanufacturing industry and create the best-trained, most industry-focused workforce possible. Winnell is also cofounder of Trana Discovery, Inc. Trana Discovery provides a proprietary drug discovery technology platform that enables its partners to discover new treatments of bacterial, viral, and fungal infectious diseases. In 2009, Winnell was a cofounder of the RTP Chapter of Graduate Women in Science (Sigma Delta Epsilon Chapter), which is an interdisciplinary society of scientists that encourage women to enter and achieve success in science through full participation in scientific research and its applications.