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Recent News

Summer REU Program Conclusion

August 13, 2018

Did I forget to mention that we had a very successful NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates in Math-Bio this summer? […]

Anissa all over Greensboro

August 13, 2018

Even though Anissa has left us after completion of her MSc thesis to work on her Doctorate in Germany at […]

IUSSI Meeting in Brazil

August 13, 2018

Shilpi, Prashant, and Olav attended this year’s IUSSI meeting and presented two talks and three posters with research from our […]

Amazing Visit to China

June 26, 2018

Olav just came back from five amazing days in China to visit with Dr. Jianke Li at the Chinese Academy […]

Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Biology and Genomes of Social Insects

May 23, 2018

Esmaeil and Olav participated in the Cold Spring Harbor meeting on the biology and genomics of social insects. Amazing stuff […]

Comparing Overlap of Transcriptomes

May 22, 2018

The common practice of of relating two biological processes by determining whether there is significant overlap between their patterns of […]

Quadruple Graduation!

May 22, 2018

Congratulations to Taylor and Anissa for both graduating with their Masters! Taylor is going to join Juliana Rangel’s lab at […]

Transmission of Deforming Wing Virus

March 30, 2018

Congratulations to Esmaeil for publishing his thorough study of DWV transmission, including three separate experiments, in PLoS One! Should be […]

Kurt Langberg’s MS research published

March 15, 2018

Congratulations to Kurt, whose research on the relation between meiotic recombination and oxidative stress in honey bees has just been […]

Extension talk in Asheboro

March 15, 2018

On March 6th, Esmaeil and Olav took the UNCG honey bee research to the Randolph county beekeepers, who proved to […]