Collaborators | Plant and Pollinator Center


Collaborators in the Biology Department

Bobay Faeth Kiss Kirchoff
Louis-Marie Bobay
Environmental Microbial Genomics and Evolution
Stanley Faeth
Plant-Microbe-Herbivore Interactions
John Kiss
Plant Physiology & Development
Bruce Kirchoff
Flower Anatomy and Systematics
Remington terui wasserberg
David Remington
Molecular Genetics of Plant Morphological Evolution
Akira Terui
Spatial Ecology in Freshwater Ecosystems
Gideon Wasserberg
Ecology of Infectious Diseases

Collaborators from other departments and campuses

Cech Knapp lajeunesse Rychtar David Tarpy
Nadja Cech
Medicinal Biochemistry of Plant Compounds
Paul Knapp
Plant Growth and Climate Change
Dennis LaJeunesse
Biomemetic/Bio-composite Materials
Jan Rychtar
Mathematical Modeling of Social Evolution
David Tarpy