Bhandari Lab Photos


From left to right: Jayanti Magar, Megan Doldron, Xiaohong Song, Xuegeng Wang, Valerie Fricault, Bibhuti Timalsina, Alexis Starr, Deborah Killian, Ramji Bhandari (PI). Not in the picture: Arianna Mathewson, Marlee Vassall, Victoria Akers, Phillip Holland

Research Labs

A stand-alone Fish Culture System custom designed by Dan Vinci, Aquatic Enterprises, Seattle.

Research Lab Eberhart 114



Lab Lunch @Pedro’s, May 2018.  From Left: Xiaohong Song, Megan Doldron, Marlee Vassall, Chelsea Smith, Valerie Fricault, Brooke Noah, Ramji Bhandari, Harunur Rashid, Mr. Song (Missing persons: Jacob Cleary, Madeline Vera, Diamond Hill, Bibhuti Timalsina, Victoria Akers and Dr. Xuegeng Wang).

Dr. Bhandari with Dr. Scott Gilbert, the author of great book “Developmental Biology” from Swarthmore College. -Portland, OR @July 21, 2018.

Some members of the Bhandari Lab and their family/friends in January 2019.