Bhandari Lab Photos

In the summer of 2021. Finally, we are glad to have masks out.

Yashi and Elissa defended their theses in June 2021. A Lab Lunch together with them.

TEAM DECEMBER 2018. From left to right: Jayanti Magar, Megan Doldron, Xiaohong Song, Xuegeng Wang, Valerie Fricault, Bibhuti Timalsina, Alexis Starr, Deborah Killian, Ramji Bhandari (PI). Not in the picture: Arianna Mathewson, Marlee Vassall, Victoria Akers, Phillip Holland

Research Labs

A stand-alone Fish Culture System custom designed by Dan Vinci, Aquatic Enterprises, Seattle.

Research Lab Eberhart 114

The great picture!


Lab Lunch @Pedro’s, May 2018.  From Left: Xiaohong Song, Megan Doldron, Marlee Vassall, Chelsea Smith, Valerie Fricault, Brooke Noah, Ramji Bhandari, Harunur Rashid, Mr. Song (Missing persons: Jacob Cleary, Madeline Vera, Diamond Hill, Bibhuti Timalsina, Victoria Akers and Dr. Xuegeng Wang).

Dr. Bhandari with Dr. Scott Gilbert, the author of  “Developmental Biology” book (July 21, 2018).

Members of the Bhandari Lab and their family/friends in January 2019.

Members of the Bhandari Lab in 2018.

Biology Department, 2017.

Greensboro Downtown. Source: