Dr. Ramji K. Bhandari
Associate Professor
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Dr. Xuegeng Wang (王学耕)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Currently at South China Normal University
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Dr. Santosh Anand, May 2022~ present
Research Scientist, Bioinformatics Consultant

DNA Methylation/Demethylation, Histone Modifications, sc/bulk-Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Megagenomics, Small RNAs, TEs, RNA Modification, Meta-Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Biomarker Discovery, etc.







Dr. Mehwish Faheem, January 2023~ present
Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Environmental Health

Epigenetic inheritance of BPA-induced epigenetic memories from germline to soma and their role in the onset and progression of sub-fertility phenotype








Sourav Chakraborty, August 2023~ present
Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Epigenetics and Metabolic Health

Strategic intervention of pathways to environmentally induced metabolic diseases








Position Available (TBA)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular and Cellular Biology








Pooja Bhandari
Research Technician







A) Graduate

Jayasree Nath, Fall 2023~
Gene-environment interactions in gonadal somatic cells and fertility outcomes.







Anjana Giri, Fall 2023~
Gene-environment interactions in germ cells and fertility outcomes








Mohamed Togol, Spring 2023~
Environmentally induced epigenetic aging of the germline and somatic cells







Hunter Kulesz, Fall 2023~
Altered susceptibility of medaka larvae and adults with an ancient history of environmental chemical exposure to bacterial and viral infections








A. Graduate Students
1) Valerie Fricault (MS, 2018): Faculty, Forsyth Technical Community College
2) Chelsea Smith (MS, 2018): Faculty, Forsyth Technical Community College
3) Jacob Cleary (MS, 2018): currently in a Ph.D. program, Wake Forest University
4) Yashi Feng (MS, 2021): Currently looking for a Ph.D. program
5) Elissa Guzman (MS, 2021): Currently employed by a biomedical company in Kernersville, NC.
6) Christopher Rex (Ph.D., Dropped, 2021): TBA
7) Megan Doldron (completed Ph.D., 2022): ORISE Postdoc Fellow, U.S. Military Medical Research Institute.
8) Serial Coe (MS, 2023): ORISE Fellow, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Baltimore, MD.
9) Gaurav Phuyal (MS, 2023): ORISE Biomedical Engineering Fellow, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silverspring, MD.
10) Sourav Chakraborty (completed Ph.D., 2023): Postdoctoral Fellow, Bhandari Laboratory, University of Missouri

B. Undergraduate Students, Dates attended, current position
1) Albert Thayil, Honors College, Fall 2016 – Spring 2017, now Medical Residency at UNC-Chapel Hill.
2) Mathieu Bouttier (Exchange Student from France), Spring 2017, now in France
3) Robert Edwards, Summer 2017 (UNC Chapel Hill): Scientist at 3M, Philadelphia, PA.
4) Valerie Nkansah, Fall 2017, Postbac (TBA)
5) Devi Kodavanti, Fall 2017, Spencer Health Solutions, North Carolina
6) Madeline Vera, (Spring 2017- Spring, 2018): Ph.D. student, University of California, Riverside
7) Brooke Noah, Fall (Fall 2017-Spring 2018): DVM student, Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine
8) Diamond Hill, Fall (Fall 2017- Spring 2018): Graduate Student at UNCW Clinical Research and Product Development Program
9) Victoria Akers, Spring/Fall (2018): TBA
10) Marlee Vassall, Fall 2017~Summer 2019: PCA at Newton Wellesley Hospital, MA.
11) Bibhuti Timalsina, Spring 2018~Spring 2019: Data Science Graduate Program, Syracuse University
12) Jayanti Magar, Fall 2018 ~Spring 2019
13) Phillip Holland, Fall 2018~Spring 2019
14) Sara Ghobrial, Summer 2019
15) Amanda Chase, Spring 2019~Fall 2019: Ph.D. program, University of Pittsburg Medical School, PA.
16) Alexis Starr, Fall 2018~ Spring 2020, DVM program, NC State University.
17) Deborah Killian, Fall 2018~Spring 2020, A graduate student at Wake Forest University, NC
18) Manthi Dissanayake, Fall 2019~Spring 2020, Medical School, East Carolina University
19) Jasmine Allen, Summer 2019~Spring 2020
20) Shaun Pitts, Spring 2020- Spring 2021, St. George’s University School of Medicine.
21) Drake Weidman, Fall 2019- Spring 2021
22) Arianna Mathewson, Fall 2017- Spring 2021
23) Julia Godwin, Spring 2020- Summer 2021, Duke University, Microbiome Center
24) Zerin Islam, Fall 2020- Spring 2021, Genetic Counseling Program, Wake Forest University
25) Morgan Rector, Fall 2021- Spring 2022
26) Ahmad Romero, Fall 2020 ~ Spring 2022
27) Coryanna Jefferies, Spring 2021- Spring 2022
28) Ally Hannon, Spring 2022, Cytotechnology Program, CPCC, Charlotte
29) Bendra Ruto, Spring and Summer 2022
30) Jadah Crandell, Summer 2022
31) Makayla Davis, Summer 2022
32) Beh Reh, Spring 2020 ~ Spring 2023
33) Kara Kupradit (Spring 2022-Spring 2023)
34) Gillian Wright (Fall 2022-Summer 2023)
35) Donajah Cherry (Fall 2021-Spring 2023)
36) Tyler Niles (Fall 2021-Spring 2022)
37) Shateanu’ Bryant (Fall 2022- Spring 2023)
38) Jessica Jenkins (Spring 2022-Spring 2023)
39) Kianna Garcia (Spring 2023)
40) Tyler Sexton (Spring 2023)
41) Mohammad Omar (Spring 2023)
42) Evelyn Ranchito (Summer 2023)
43) Cameron Taylor (Spring 2023-Summer 2023)
44) Kiran Jahid (Summer 2023)
45) Triquina Harrison (Fall 2021- Summer 2023)



1) Xiaohong Song (January 2018 -Jan 2019). Lecturer, Guilin Technological University, China.
2) Dr. Harunur Rashid, Fulbright Fellow, Professor- Bangladesh Agricultural University (April 2018-July 2018)

C. High School Students
1) Will Miller (Caldwell Academy)
2) Sasha Nikiforov (Greensboro Day School)
3) Rayna Poudyal (Grimsley High School)
4) Prae Mo (UNCG Middle College)


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