Internships in Biology (BIO 497)

Whether you want to secure a job or continue your education after graduation, internships have never been more important in helping to secure your future. This is your opportunity to build your resume, develop and document employment-related skills, gain career-related experience, make valuable contacts, and obtain references.

In BIO 497, students intern on or off campus under direction of UNCG Biology faculty and on-site supervisors for an average of 3-9 hours per week to earn 1-3 credit hours per semester. Class meets occasionally on Fridays, 2:00-2:50.

Internships Frequently Asked Questions

Course Description Registration
BIO 497-01

1 sh

Designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge to obtain an internship, job, or post-bac admission Registration is open to all Biology Majors
BIO 497-02

1-3 sh

Students intern on or off campus for 3-9 hours per week under direction of UNCG BIO faculty and on-site supervisors.

Students must obtain their own placement prior to registration

Permission of instructor

This section has prerequisites and minimum GPA requirements

Contact an Internship Coordinator:

Biology and Health Sciences-related internships:
Meg Horton, 314 Sullivan Science Building,

Environmental or wildlife-related internships:
Ann Somers, 310 Sullivan Science Building,

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