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Lab Photos

Osena lab members are harvesting seeds of transgenic tobacco

Transgenic (T0) tobacco established in the greenhouse for trait evaluation

Undergraduates are isolating genomic DNA from Transgenic plants for transgene validation

Transgenic tobacco seedling to be evaluated for stress tolerance

Stages of transgenic plant development

Target tissues for Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation

Teff established at UNCG-Biology greenhouse

Niska, Aashika, Quashawn and Chris

Ayalew, Chris and Kala harvesting teff

Lab members at Undergraduate Research Expo 2019, Quashawn, Chris and Kala presented their posters

Welcome lunch for Sang

Dr. Ayalew Osena (Right) and Chris preparing soils to plant teff

Undergraduates designing expression vector for plant genetic transformation. From left to right: Quashan, Aashika, Niska and Chris

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory was established in August 2018