Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation


Mountain to Sea North Carolina LSAMP is a fellowship program for first-year and transfer students who are interested in pursuing STEM majors.

Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP Fellows receive stipends to participate in undergraduate programs involving research and mentoring.

Our aim is to help diversify the nation’s STEM fields and broaden undergraduate participation in STEM research and internships, while building a supportive student community.

Student Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP Scholars


Students are the core of Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP. LSAMP Scholars are offered a variety of resources to enhance experiences to facilitate the STEM journey through graduation and beyond. 

From mentor selection, to searching and applying for external research opportunities, and transitioning into different programs on campus, we provide a robust, campus-specific experience for our students, while nurturing a supportive community of undergraduate researchers and mentors.  

Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP Faculty Leaders


A significant goal of the Mountain to Sea NC LSAMP is to enhance the institutional programming and curriculum in STEM disciplines by providing support and resource-sharing opportunities Alliance Institution faculty members by sharing experiences in best practices for providing a structure and programming that support STEM students from underrepresented backgrounds and by transforming courses, classrooms and interpersonal engagement with evidence-based, culturally-responsive pedagogies. 

Continual engagement of the partner institutions and Annual Conferences for Faculty and student LSAMP scholars provide a venue for continual learning to develop best practices for supporting all students.

Participating Campuses