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Evolutionary Biology

Malcolm Schug

Evolutionary biologists are interested in using a naturalistic approach to answer two basic questions:

1) What is the origin of life on earth?

2) What has caused living organisms to change since their origin?

My research focuses on questions within the second category and combines the concepts and techniques common to the academic fields of population genetics, molecular evolution, behavioral ecology, and genomics. In the past I have focused on the evolution of mating behavior and genome structure. This research is fundamental to understanding how evolution has created the diversity of life on earth today and perhaps how it might change life in the future. My studies on specific animals are intended to answer basic questions about how evolution works. Answers to these questions apply broadly to other species, including humans.

At the left are links to animals I have studied. Within those sites you will find descriptions of specific questions I have used these organisms to answer.

Interested in the evolution/creation, or intelligent design debate? I don't teach it because its not a debate; evolutionary biologists seek a naturalistic explanation for evolution, not the supernatural explanation proposed by followers of creationism/intelligent design, which is outside the realm of science. The proponents of intelligent design/creationism have a fundamental misunderstanding of science and, apparently philosophy. On my favorite links page you will find links to philosophers and biologists who have pointed out these misunderstandings in great detail.