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Hiring Documents for Undergraduates Working in Biology

Welcome To Biology!

Please read over this page carefully for the steps needed for you to become a Biology Student Emplolyee:

  • I9 card: If you have not already done so, you Must go to the Career Services Center (CSC) 334-5454 located at #1 Elliott Center to do your I-9 paperwork. Be sure to take either your passport, or driver’s license and social security card, or other official documents with you as you will need them to successfully do this paperwork.Please see the List of acceptable documents.The CSC will give you a small yellow card (your I9 card) which is yours to keep, but you must bring it to us in the Biology office so we can make a copy of it for your file. You can’t be added to payroll without the I9 card.
  • Employee Data Form: Complete, sign, and return to the Biology office. Click here for the form.
  • Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits Form: Otherwise known as the direct deposit form. This is for your pay to be directly deposited. Required with this form is either a Voided check or an official Bank Statement from your bank with an account that can be used for automatic deposits. Click here for the deposit form.
  • Tax Forms: Complete, sign, and return to the Biology Office. Please note: The Biology Office will not keep copies of these forms, but will make notations that they were received and were sent to payroll. Federal Tax form W-4 for your federal tax withholding. Complete, sign, print, and return to the Biology Office. State Tax Form for your North Carolina tax withholding. Complete, sign, print and return to the Biology Office.
  • Timesheet: This is your timesheet that’s due on the 11th of every month, with some exceptions. Please read the information below about your timesheets.

Return all forms to the Biology Office as soon as possible, except, of course, the timesheet.


Follow this link to Biology’s Student Employee’s Timesheet. Make sure to fill in your name. As you work throughout the month fill in the dates and hours you work for each date.

  • The Pay period is from the 11th of one month to the 10th of the following month
    • Example: March’s Pay Period = February 11th to March 10th
    • Timesheets are Due March 11th.
  • You and your supervisor will be sent an email each month reminding you of the pay period and when your timesheet is due
  • There are exceptions to the deadline of the 11th of the month, especially in November and December when payroll runs earlier due to the holidays. Therefore, pay attention to the email reminders! Failure to do so could result in having your pay being delayed until the next month and that’s a long time to wait!
  • Total your hours for each week
  • Total your hours for the month
  • Log hours in quarter hour increments, i.e., 15 minutes = .25, 30 minutes = .50, 45 minutes = .75 hours. Example: You worked 3 hours and 15 minutes – you would log 3.25 hours
  • Sign your timesheet
  • Have your supervisor sign your timesheet
  • Turn it in to Helen Sedwick no later than the 11th of each month
  • Time sheets turned in without the proper signatures will be returned and will not be processed until they are properly signed and returned. This can delay your pay by a month or more
  • You MUST turn in your time sheet by the 11th of EACH MONTH


You will find a hard copy of blank time sheets in the gray vertical rack on the Biology Office wall. Call the Biology Department at 334-4405 if you have questions.