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Seminar Schedule - Fall 2018

Held Wednesdays from 4-5 PM in Room 200, Sullivan Science Building.
Parking is available in the McIver Street Parking Deck.
Refreshments will be served at 3:45 PM.
For disability accommodations, please contact Omar Raya in the UNCG Biology Department Office by Phone (336) 334-5391 OR email at

Date Speaker Title Host
08/15/2018 Andrew Hollady Safety Seminar Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
08/22/2018 Dr. Martin Tsui TBA Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
08/29/2018 Graduate Faculty Get to know the faculty–new graduate students Dr. Paul Steimle
09/05/2018 Dr. Charles Ichoku The wonders of wildfires and how we study their environmental and climatic influences Dr. Malcolm Schug
09/12/2018 Graduate Faculty Get to know the faculty–new graduate students Dr. Paul Steimle
09/19/2018 Dr. Gonzalo Vazquez TBA Dr. Gideon Wasserberg
09/26/2018 Dr. Hao Zhu From QSAR to big data: Developing mechanism-driven predictive models for animal toxicity Dr. Zhenquan Jia
10/03/2018 Narasimhan Danthi TBA Dr. Zhenquan Jia
10/10/2018 Dr. Wendy Hood Life history trade offs within the context of mitochondrial hormesis Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
10/17/2018 Dr. Saydur Rahman Hypoxia-induced reproductive impairment in fish from the Gulf of Mexico Dr. Ramji Bhandari
10/24/2018 Adam M. Speen Interactions among ozone, oxysterols, and adverse health effects in the human airway Dr. Zhenquan Jia
10/31/2018 Dr. Kimberly La Pierre TBA Dr. Sally Koerner
11/02/2018 Christine Salomon Joint seminar between Chemistry and Biology on White Nose Syndrome in North American bats (NOTE: this seminar will be held in SSB 101 from 1-3 pm) Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
11/7/2018 Dr. Graham Reynolds To the Out Islands: Reptile Diversity in the Remote Corners in the Bahamas Archipelago Ann Somers
11/14/2018 Dr. Joel Meyer TBA Dr. Ramji Bhandari
11/21/2018 NO SEMINAR–Thanksgiving
11/28/2018 Douglas Lawton Understanding the ecological underpinnings of Australian plague locusts (Chortoicetes terminifera) population dynamics and swarms Dr. Stan Faeth

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