Now Hiring in the Biology Department

Student collecting samples from leaves
Student in bee gear holding comb

Plant and/or Animal Pollinator Biologist Needed

We are seeking an innovative biologist in any biological subdiscipline at the Assistant/Associate/Full Professor rank who studies plant and/or pollinator biology. This is an intellectual leadership role in UNCG’s plant and pollinator research that includes our state of the art Plant and Pollinator Center.

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Women holding samples in the PPC

New cutting edge Plant and Pollinator Center

The PPC is a center for integrated research, student training, and public education/community engagement.  Basic and applied sciences among closely collaborating scientists focusing on both plants and pollinators help us understand the connections in nature that underpin human health and wellness, the foods we eat, and environment in which we live.

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Life in Greensboro

Something I like about Greensboro is that it is large but very intimate. I enjoy that it is a day trip away to either the beach or the mountains and that the city has a thriving art scene. Some of my favorite eats are Golden Wok, located near the Target Shopping center on Wendover, The German Restaurant near Hobby Lobby and of course Kisoc. Other favorite places are The Ice House, an indoor ice-skating rink, in addition to the Red Collection, a consignment shop that always has new and interesting things
-Karl Kassel, Senior UNCG Student

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Racial Equity at UNCG

UNCG has a uniquely diverse student body and we are committed to fostering an equitable and diverse environment.

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Search Committee

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Search Committee Chair;

Nadja Cech

Jim Coleman

Lexi Hoopman
Graduate Student Representative;

Sky Kihuwa-Mani
Undergraduate Student Representative

Akira Terui

John Tomkiel Dean
Affirmative Action Officer;