Sally Koerner

Sally Koerner

Sally Koerner

Assistant Professor
Bernard-Glickman Dean's Professor

(336) 334-5393
339 Eberhart Building


Ecology (community, ecosystem, and plant ecology); drivers of biodiversity across spatial scales and through time


Ph.D., University of New Mexico


My lab focuses on community ecology and biodiversity – what is biodiversity, how is it created and maintained, how does it influence ecosystem function, and how is global change altering it? This research program is field-based and hypothesis-driven and utilizes plant and animal communities in North America (e.g., tallgrass prairie, shortgrass steppe) and Africa (e.g., savannas, tropical forests). We employ a combination of observational studies and both short- and long-term experimental manipulations in order to permit robust conclusions about fundamental ecological processes that maintain and control biodiversity and ecosystem function as well as how various anthropogenic factors alter these relationships. In addition, my research uses data synthesis and meta-analysis techniques to provide global scale inferences about biodiversity.

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Ecology (Bio 301)

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