Malcolm D. Schug

Malcolm D. Schug

Professor and Department Head

(336) 256-0086
312 Eberhart Building


Evolutionary genetics, molecular population genetics


Ph.D., Ohio State University


My research interests are in the field of evolutionary genetics and animal behavior. I study a variety of animals and use genetic, behavioral, and molecular methods to test hypotheses aimed at understanding the mechanisms of natural selection in natural populations. Presently my research is focused on the effects of natural selection on molecular genetic variation in a species of fruitfly, Drosophila ananassae, from the South Pacific Islands and Asia. I am interested in the interactions between natural selection, migration, genetic drift, and chromosomal crossing-over during adaptation and speciation.  I also study wetlands biodiversity and am particularly interested in the impact of restored wetlands on animal diversity.  I have several projects focusing on equity for students and faculty ranging from biology curriculum to student and faculty equity.

Representative Publications

Boyce, A.S., Avent, A. Adetogun2, C. Hall2, L. Sametz, L. Phillips, A. Kane2, J. Patton, K. Petersen, M.D. Schug.  accepted.  Examining Self-Efficacy, Science Identity, and Sense of Belonging within a Cohort-Based STEM Program.  Journal of College Science Teaching [Accepted]

Li, Han, R. Petric, Z. Alazzawi1, J. Kauzlarich1, R. Mahamoud1, R. McFadden1, N. Perslow1, A. Rodriguez Flores1, K. Morales2, M.C. Kalcounis-Rueppell, M.D. Schug, L.A. Zarecky. 2021.  Four years continuous monitoring reveals different effects of urban constructed wetlands on bats.  Land, 10(10):1087;

Parker, K. A. 2, Springall, B. T. 2, Garshong, R. A. 2, Malachi, A. N. 1, Dorn, L. E. 1, Costa-Terryll, A. 1, Mathis1, R. A., Lewis, A. N. 1, MacCheyne, C. L. 1, Davis, T. T. 1, Rice, A. D. 1, Varh, N. Y. 1, Li, H., Schug, M. D., Kalcounis-Rueppell, M. (2019). Rapid Increases in Bat Activity and Diversity after Wetland Construction in an Urban Ecosystem. Wetlands. 39:717-272.

Schug, M.D., J. Baines, A. Killon-Atwood2, S. Mohanty, A. Das, S. Grath, S.G. Smith2, S. Zargham1, S.F. McEvey, W. Stephan 2008.  Evolution of mating isolation between populations of Drosophila ananassae.  Molecular Ecology 17:2706-2721.


Major Concepts in Biology (BIO 105)
Genetics (BIO 392)
Population Genetics & Molecular Evolution (BIO 476)
Molecular Biology Approaches in Research (BIO 482)