Kimberly Komatsu

Kimberly Komatsu

Komatsu, Kimberly

Associate Professor, Florence Schaeffer Distinguished Scholar

323 Sullivan Building


Community Ecology, Plant Community Dynamics, Plant-Insect Interactions, Legume-Rhizobia Mutualisms, Global Change


Ph.D., Yale University


We investigate how ecosystem responses to global change drivers are mediated by biotic processes. Specifically, we study how ecosystem function is influenced by mutualisms, competition, consumers, and alterations in abiotic resource availability. Projects in our lab examine a diverse suite of global change drivers, such as nutrient deposition and runoff, consumer loss, altered climatic regimes, and species invasions, and span a broad range of ecosystems including grasslands, forests, and agroecosystems. We use tools such as observational data collection, long-term field experiments, and data synthesis to address critical questions related to global change in these natural and working landscapes.


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Principles of Ecology (BIO 301)

Entomology (BIO 444)

Insect Apocalypse (BIO 449)