Kevin Wilcox

Kevin Wilcox

Associate Professor

325 Sullivan Building


Grassland ecology, disturbance, global change


Ph.D., Colorado State University


My research group focuses on predicting how ecosystems will change in the future when droughts and deluges are more frequent and extreme, disturbances such as fire are more severe, and human pressures are constant. To do this, we integrate three scientific approaches. First, we sort through long-term data, such as historical records of weather, disturbance, and plant growth to discover patterns of how ecosystems have responded to global change in the past. Second, we conduct experiments to identify the mechanisms behind these patterns. Third, we incorporate new understanding about these mechanisms into computational tools, such as process-based models, to make projections of potential future ecosystem states. We are interested in a variety of ecosystems including US tallgrass, mountain meadows in the Greater Smoky Mountains, and South African savannas.


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