Charles Wahl

Charles Wahl

Postdoctoral Fellow

343 Eberhart Building


Ph.D., Louisiana State University


My research focus is to understand processes that structure populations and communities in freshwater habitats with a focus on the role of anthropogenic disturbance. Human induced disturbances, such as the introduction of invasive species, habitat fragmentation and eutrophication, are becoming more prevalent. These impacts modify the local (habitat complexity and species interactions) and regional (dispersal) processes that structure ecosystems, resulting in changes to ecological state and altering the movement of energy through the system. I am also interested in how biological control can be used to reduce impacts from invasive species on ecosystem structure and function. Current research as a postdoc in Dr. Akira Terui’s lab involves using metapopulation theory to examine the population and spatial structure of an endangered fish species, topeka shiner (Notropis topeka), to guide restoration and conservation efforts.


Recent Publications:

Wahl CF, Diaz R, and Kaller M. Nutrients enhance the negative impact of an invasive floating plant on water quality and a submerged macrophyte. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. Accepted

Wahl CF, Diaz R, and Kaller M. 2021. Invasive floating fern limits aerial colonization and alters community structure of aquatic insects. Wetlands. 41: 60 

Wahl CF, Kaller M, and Diaz R. 2021. Invasion of floating fern alters freshwater macroinvertebrate community structure with implications for bottom-up processes. Hydrobiologia 848: 2523–2537

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Wahl CF and Diaz R. 2020. Winter and spring conditions determine the production of the salvinia weevil mass rearing programme. Biocontrol Science and Technology, 30: 569-580.

Wahl CF and Diaz R. 2019. Observation of Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) feeding upon giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta). Southeastern Naturalist, 18: 41-44.

Wahl CF, Mudge CR, and Diaz R. 2018. Does aquatic herbicide 2,4-D and nonionic surfactant impact survival of salvinia weevil? Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, 56: 113-119.

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