The Department of Biology at UNCG offers a PhD-program in

Environmental Health Science.

Our research on honey bees fits very well into this integrative program.


I would also like you to think about performing your thesis research under my supervision in the reputable UNCG Master of Science in Biology program.


In addition, my group provides many opportunities for Undergraduate Research in the form of specialized course work (BIO499, BIO493), NSF-funded training programs, or research assistantships.


Dear Student: Whatever your level of academic training, you can become involved in our research and make a difference. And you donít even have to get stung in the process!


We are a fun group with diverse interests and experience but we all share an enthusiasm for finding out how honey bees and their colonies function. We want to make our contribution to the growing knowledge in biology, and honey bees are a great model for all kinds of questions.

Therefore, I would encourage you to contact me if you are thinking about gaining a research experience that combines interesting scientific questions, modern methodology, a productive research environment, and a great group of people.


Specific research projects change constantly, but I hope you have looked at the description of our main current research projects. I am always interested in students who want to help with these, but it may also be possible for you to pursue your own scientific question. Just send me an email to start the discussion: it is never too early!