Germ Cell Development

We are studying epigenetic regulation of germ cell development in medaka gonads by using vasa-gfp medaka as a model.

Brain Sex Differences

One of our interests is to understand brain sexual dimorphism and environmentally inducible sex specific behaviors.

Transgenerational Inheritance of Environmentally Induced Health Effects

The window of early embryonic development is susceptible to environmental chemical stressors. Exposures during gonadal sex determination may lead to reproductive defects in the exposed individuals.

Environmentally induced epigenetic memory

Gene-environment interactions can lead to emergence of a phenotype. Environmental stressors are able to induce changes at the epigenetic level (chemical modifications…

Epigenetic effects of early developmental exposure to emerging environmental contaminants.

Hundreds of chemicalsĀ are being introduced into the market and their effects on ecosystem and human health are not clearly understood. Our research…