Renekia Elliott

Renekia is currently working at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in a research lab interested in developing Gene Therapy protocols for the treatment of Glaucoma. Their lab’s goals are to identify genes affected by insults known to induce glaucoma and to develop effective gene delivery to glaucoma related eye tissue. Renekia’s future goal is to obtain a doctoral degree and working at UNC has granted her the opportunity to pursue graduate level educational training in genetics and bioinformatics. Renekia believes that her time at UNCG definitely provided the right undergraduate education needed in the field of genetics and a foundation for graduate education. Renekia would like to thank Dr. Karen Katula for her help and training during Renekia’s time in her lab as an undergraduate. Working in Dr. Katula’s lab provided a hands-on approach to understanding research techniques and encouraged Renekia to pursue a career in research. She would also like to thank the dedicated professors at UNCG for showing a real concern for the success of their students. Renekia is truly grateful for her time at UNCG.