Christina Erikson

After taking an 8-year hiatus from college, Christina Erikson graduated in May 2011 with a BA in Biology and a Concentration in Environmental Biology. She moved to Fairbanks, Alaska later that year to commit further to a long-standing relationship with her now fiancé and to take advantage of the wide range of career opportunities in the state. Actively pursuing the University, she landed a job as a Grant Technician in December 2012 at the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Fairbanks. Her days consist of post-award tracking of funds for one-third of the 70 or so Principle Investigators at the School. She is currently studying to obtain her CRA (Certified Research Administrator) later this Autumn. In the near future, she’ll be cross-training in the pre-award area, where she’ll assist researchers with writing and submitting proposals. She thoroughly enjoys the work, as well as the flexibility and room for advancement the School offers. Her acknowledgements at UNCG include Meg Horton, Dr. Bruce Kirchoff, and Ann Berry Somers for their support, encouragement and mentorship throughout her last semester of college and beyond. She and her fiancé, Ryan, are expecting their first baby in November 2013.