Campus Contacts and Resources | Department of Biology

Campus Contacts and Resources

Graduate School

Questions about Graduate Studies, funding, finances, work schedule, policy information, or campus life

International Programs Center (IPC)

International student resources, events, funding, questions, and guidance

Title IX Office

If you have experienced or have concerns about sex-based discrimination or violence on campus, do not hesitate to contact the Title IX Office. Their office provides resources and assistance for students in need of confidential support or intervention.

Dean of Students

If you’re in need of administrative support, need to report concerning behavior, or are struggling with academic or personal workload

Student Grievance Policy

In the event that a student feels they have been treated with substantial unfairness by another student, faculty, staff, or employee of the university, they are entitled to report an allegation to be reviewed by an administrative officer.

Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS)

You can receive support and documentation for classroom, testing, or accessibility accommodations for a disability or other medically recognized physical or mental ailment

Mental Health and Well Being

Learn about counseling, group therapy, coping techniques, Mental Health First Aid Training, and other mental health resources

Human Resources 336-334-5009

Find hiring information, support, benefits, and policies for campus employees

Work/Life Balance for Full-time Employees

University resources for full-time employees regarding leave management, health and wellness, personal or professional development, community involvement, and cultural engagement

Graduate Student Work Schedule

This document outlines the expectations and work schedule for all graduate students with assistantships

Spartan Connect

Learn about student groups, clubs, organizations, and connect with others on campus to find an activity or program you enjoy outside of your academic department

Campus Activities and Programs (CAP)

CAP is made up of Student Groups, Activities, and Campus Events (ACE), Fraternity and Sorority life, Weekend life, Daytime Programming, and Traditional events that provide meaningful opportunities for students to create relationships and develop a sense of self within the campus community

University Policies and Regulations

All university policies, regulations, rules, academic guidelines, definitions of academic terminology, and conduct codes are listed in this section of the University Catalog

Office of Research Integrity

Concerns or questions about conflict of interest, mishandling data, unethical conduct, or irresponsible behavior in a research environment

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

To apply for IACUC approval or review policies and procedures for research using animal subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB ensures human subjects in research are adequately protecting and that institutions act in accordance with federal regulations. To apply for the use of human subjects or present a concern about ongoing research, contact the IRB.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Apply  for approval to use recombinant DNA and biological materials or review policies and guidelines for NIH and CDC established use of these products

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

For lab safety training, fire, waste, chemical, and environmental protocols

EHS contact sheet

Emergency personnel, facilities operations, asbestos or lead surveys, hazardous waste disposal, electrical issues, injury reporting

Cone Health 336-832-7000

UNCG’s nearest hospital and medical complex