FINAL GRADEBOOK: Note: for details about how your grade was calculated (especially plus and minus grades), see your syllabus. Have a great summer, and I enjoyed having you all in my class this summer!

The scoring guide for labs 8, 9, and 10 is posted here for you to view.

Here is a copy of the syllabus, in case you have misplaced yours.

REMINDER: On Monday, July 25th, I will ask you to sign up to take the final test on either Thursday, July 28, or Friday, July 29.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: I am offering the following two extra credit opportunities (both due on or by Thursday, July 28.)


These are the resources for the final block of material, pertaining to Ecology.

 Biomes and the Biosphere

 Vocabulary and objectives: Biomes and the Biosphere

 Lecture Outline: Biomes and the Biosphere