General Information:  MSEC is an exciting new opportunity for land-locked UNCG students to take courses in a marine environment as part of their curriculum towards a degree.  The consortium includes 20 colleges and universities who send students to Duke University Marine Lab at Beaufort, NC for a semester or summer session.  Duke courses will earn guaranteed credit for equivalent courses at the home institution, and are taught in small classes with potential for independent study. 



Interested students can visit this page for deadlines, application forms, and general information about admission to the program.  In general, for Spring, application deadline is December 1, for Fall applications must be received by April 1.  Summer applications are due one month before classes start.


Location of coursework:

Fall and Spring semester and summer session coursework is done at the Duke Marine Lab campus at Beaufort, NC.  .



Courses offered:

All coursework has the pre-requisite of general biology and general chemistry (normally one year / two semesters of each).  Which courses are offered in any particular semester varies yearly.  Standard course offerings generally include:

Physiology of Marine Animals

Biochemistry of Marine Animals

Marine Invertebrate Zoology

General Physics I

Conservation Biology and Policy

Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles

Marine Mammals

Marine Ecology

Marine Policy

Environmental Biochemistry

Analysis of Ocean Ecosystems

Biological Oceanography

Marine Biodiversity

Independent Study

A variety of conservation topics, research design, and specialty courses, depending on faculty interests




Duke University’s tuition is paid directly to Duke Marine Lab.  Financial aid is available through the Marine Lab itself, and consortium students will receive a reduction in tuition if 2 or more students from UNCG attend classes within the same academic year.  Since Duke is a private university, the tuition is a great deal more than UNCG’s tuition, so the tuition discount for multiple students per academic year is a great advantage.  Two or more students per academic year receive a 6.5% discount each, three or more students will get 12% off, and four or more students per year will get 25% off of Duke’s normal tuition.


Have more questions?  Information and brochures available from Robin Maxwell, 325 Science Building, ph. 256-0066, Robin_Maxwell@uncg.edu