"The most important discoveries of the laws, methods and progress of nature have nearly always sprung from the examination of the smallest objects which she contains."

...Jean Baptiste Lamarck, 1809

I absolutely love teaching the Microbiology 280 course! Although the department offers TWO Microbiology courses, you may not receive credit for both. Bio 280 (Fundamentals of Microbiology) is intended for students in allied health (Nursing, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Optometry, Dentistry) or nutrition career paths, and those students who need an applied, more clinical microbiology course. Biology 481 (General Microbiology) is a more appropriate choice for Biology, Med. Tech. or pre-med majors, with a stronger genetics, cell biology and environmental approach. This website has only basic information pertaining to Bio 280, as the complete course resources for students actually enrolled in the course are found on Blackboard.


Here is the syllabus for this fall.
This includes the following:

ALL SPECIFIC RESOURCES FOR THE COURSE ARE POSTED ON THE SECURE BLACKBOARD SITE, ACCESSIBLE ONLY BY THOSE ENROLLED IN THE COURSE. (These include lecture outlines, old tests, review sheets, images, and gradebook.) Blackboard accounts must be activated by students new to UNCG before logging in. A link to Blackboard is found on the UNCG website, as well as on my home page.