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Robert E. Cannon, Professor

Robert E. CannonResearch:

Dr. Cannon has entered Phased Retirement. He is no longer accepting new graduate students into his laboratory.

Recent Publications:

Crosby, P. and Cannon, R. 2014. 10th Anniversary Update of International Medical Schools for U.S. Citizens: Considerations for Advisors and Prospective Students. The Advisor 34: 11-16.

Cannon, R., Callanan, N., Stewart, R., and Hardy, M. 2014. Genetic Counseling Revisited. The Advisor 34: 63-67.

Cannon, R.E. 2000. Acetobacter xylinum-Biotechnology and food technology. In Electrotransformation of Bacteria: Springer Lab Manual. N. Eynard & J. Teissie (eds.) Springer-Verlag, Germany, in press.

Skinner, P.O. & R.E. Cannon. 2000. Acetobacter xylinum, an inquiry into cellulose biosynthesis. The American Biology Teacher 62:442-444.


Major Concepts in Biology (BIO 105)
General Microbiology (BIO 481)
General Microbiology Lab (BIO 481L)
Biology Seminar (BIO 498)
Advanced Topics in Microbiology (BIO 509)
Virology (BIO 583)
Immunology (BIO 584)
Seminar in Microbiology (BIO 608)


441 Eberhart Building
(336) 256-0071