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<title>Ann Berry Somers, Senior Lecturer | UNCG Biology</title>

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<h2 class="body_header_2">Ann Berry Somers, Senior Lecturer</h2>

   <td><p class="faculty_head"><img src="http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/annsomers.jpg" alt="Ann Berry Somers" style="float:left; padding-right:5px; " />Research:</p>
       <p class="faculty_indent">My work centers on the biology and conservation of some small turtles found in North Carolina.  Box Turtles (<em>Terrapene carolina</em>), are NC's only fully terrestrial turtle and are believed to be in serious decline due to habitat fragmentation (roads, railroads, etc.) and destruction (residential and industrial development). I chair a citizen scientist effort called <a href="http://boxturtle.uncg.edu/" target="_new">The Box Turtle Connection</a> that is gathering data on these turtles, once common throughout our state, in hopes guiding conservation efforts. Bog Turtles (<em>Glyptemys muhlenbergii</em>), found in the western part of the state, are studied using mark-and-recapture, radio telemetry, and trapping methods.  I am one of the directors of <a href="http://www.projectbogturtle.org/" target="_new">Project Bog Turtle</a>, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve habitat, and advise state and federal agencies in conservation of the turtles. Additionally, I am a Principal Investigator working with a multi-disciplinary team working on an informal science education project called <a href="http://theherpproject.uncg.edu" target="_new">The HERP Project</a>, funded by NSF. </p>
   <td><p class="faculty_head">Selected Publications:</p>
    <p class="faculty_indent">Durso, A.M., <strong>A.B. Somers</strong>, & B.K. Kirchoff. August 2012. Development of visual learning tools for identifying herpetofauna. World Congress of Herpetology. Vancouver, BC, Canada.<br />
    <br />   
    <strong>Somers. A.B.</strong> and J. Mansfield-Jones.  2008. Role of trapping in detection of a small bog turtle (<em>Glyptemys muhlenbergii</em>) population.  Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 7(1): 149-155.  <br />
<br />
<strong>Somers. A.B.</strong>, J. Mansfield-Jones, and J. Braswell.  2007.  In-stream, Under Stream Bank, and Streamside Movements of a Bog Turtle, <em>Glyptemys muhlenbergii</em>.  Chelonian Conservation and Biology, 6(2); 286-288.  <br />Online at: <a href="http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/StreamMovementsBogTurtleCCB.pdf">www.uncg.edu/bio/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/StreamMovementsBogTurtleCCB.pdf </a><br />
<br />
<strong>Somers, A. B.</strong> and C.E. Matthews.  2006.  The Box Turtle Connection: A Passageway into the Natural World. <br />
139 pages.  Online at: <a href="http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/BoxTurtleBook.pdf">http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/BoxTurtleBook.pdf</a></p></td>
   <td><p class="faculty_head">Classes:</p>
      <p class="faculty_indent">Freshman Seminar (Wildlife Issues) (FMS 184)<br />
           <a href="http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/ConBio105.html">Major Concepts in Biology (Conservation Biology) (BIO 105)</a><br />
         Human Anatomy Lab (BIO 271L)<br />Biological Conservation of Sea Turtles (BIO 361)<br />
           Biosphere (BIO 431)<br />
           <a href="http://biology.uncg.edu/faculty/Ann_Somers/lab/biointernships.html">Internship in Biology (Bio 497)</a></p></td>
   <td><p class="faculty_head">Contact:</p>
    <p class="faculty_indent">310 Science Building<br />
     (336) 334-4978<br />

    Office Hours: M & W 8:30-10:30 am and by appointment</p>
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     <a href="mailto:absomers@uncg.edu"><img src="http://biology.uncg.edu/images/email_button.jpg" alt="E-mail" width="75" height="32"/></a>
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