Biology Internships at UNCG
Biology 497

Students can earn BIO 497 credit for internships off campus.  To learn about internships in the Department of Biology at UNCG contact:

Dr. Robert Cannon
441 Eberhart Building
(medical, health and forensic related internships)


Ann Berry Somers
310 New Science Building
(Click here for more info on: environmental, veterinary, or natural history related internships)

Course Description
BIO 497 Internship in Biology (1-3: 0: 3-9)
Prerequisite-minimum overall GPA of 2.8; two of 301, 322, 341, 354, 355, 370, 392 with a grade of C or better; and permission of instructor. May be repeated for up to 6* hours credit with departmental permission.

* Only 3 hours credit allowed in combination with BIO 493 or 499.  Students work at site outside University for a minimum of 45-135 hours under direction of  faculty and on-site supervisor. Times vary. Prior approval required.

For general information about other internships follow this link: UNCG Internships

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