Kirsten Trowbridge is 2013 Teaching Assistant Awardee | UNCG Biology

Graduate Student, Kirsten Trowbridge, is the 2012-2013 Teaching Assistant Awardee

Kirsten TrowbridgeThe Biology Department is pleased to announce that the 2012/2013 AY Teaching Assistant Awardee is Ms. Kirsten Trowbridge. Kirsten is a 3nd year PhD EHS student. Kirsten teaches in the Bio 393 (Genetics) laboratory.

Kirsten was nominated by Dr. John Tomkiel who noted that "she did a particularly thorough job of reviewing and editing student lab reports, providing them with copious amounts of helpful feedback. This is an extremely time-consuming aspect of teaching this course, but is important for our students who generally lack any knowledge of science writing. She also was diligent about updating blackboard, reminding students of tasks outside of the normal lab hours, and posted grades for assignments in a timely manner. Overall she did an outstanding job of teaching her section, and I received only positive feedback from her students."

The students had similar sentiments. They noted that she was kind and conscientious and took her job very seriously. Some highlights of comments from her students are below:

"[She] made this class interesting and fun. I really appreciated getting to take this class with her. This class wasn't made to be easy, but I really enjoyed learning more about Genetics through lab."

"I have not had a lab instructor who was as dedicated as Ms. Trowbridge. She pushed us to work harder and was always there to help. She not only graded our lab reports but gave us suggestions as if we were trying to publish them. She did not need to be that thorough but she was because she wanted us to learn everything possible about publishing lab reports."

'[She] was a very fun instructor for the course. She seemed to understand her students well and didn't keep things too serious, which I liked. I would definitely love to take another lab in which shes teaching. too bad she only teaches Genetics lab, I think. I think she's an incredible human being. She made it fun for me to go to lab every week […]"

Congratulations Kirsten!

May, 2013