Dr. Rueppell & Post-Doc Receive Grant | UNCG Biology

Dr. Olav Rueppell and Humberto Boncristiani Awarded Grant from NAPPC

Humberto Boncristiani and Dr. Olav RueppellUNCG Biology Associate Professor, Dr. Olav Rueppell, and Post-doctoral Fellow, Humberto Boncristiani,were the recent recipients of a grant from the North American Polinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) for their project -- 'Identification of IAPV Targets in the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)'. The North Amercian Pollinator Protection Campaign's mission is to encourage the health of resident and migratory pollinating animals in North America. The NAPPC accomplishes this goal by: (1)Raising public awareness and education and promoting constructive dialogue about pollinators' importance to agriculture, ecosystem health, and food supplies; (2)Encouraging collaborative, working partnerships among participants and with federal, state and local government entities and strengthening the network of associated organizations working on behalf of pollinators; (3)Promoting conservation, protection and restoration of pollinator habitat; and (4)Documenting and supporting scientific, economic and policy research - creating the first-ever, international data bank (library) of pollinator information.

Information about the NAPPC from the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign website.

March, 2013