Rueppell Receives R21 Grant | UNCG Biology

UNCG Professor, Dr. Olav Rueppell, Granted R21 Grant For Looking at Aging in Honey Bees

Olav RueppellUNCG Biology Professor, Dr. Olav Rueppell is the recent recipient of an NIH R21 grant for the project "Biodemography and Genomics of Aging Trajectories and Plasticity in a Social Model." UNCG's Campus Weekly profile notes that "he will use the comparative honey bee model that offers many experimental opportunities to study epigenetic influences on aging in a highly social context under natural conditions, the abstract notes. These studies can yield new insights of general relevance into aging processes and generate novel hypotheses or concepts to stimulate human aging studies. Additionally, the funding will allow him to expand his dedication to mentoring student research and fostering the next generation of biomedical scientists."

October, 2013