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Dr. Stan Faeth's, UNCG Biology Chairman, Research on LiveScience.com

Dr. Stan Faeth's, UNCG Biology Department Chairman, research was lauded yet again on LiveScience.com, by Marlene Cimons from the National Science Foundation. The article begins with an anecdotal story of unresponsive horses 'frozen in place' by a seemingly unknown cause and then details the background and research into 'Sleepy Grass.' Sleepy grass is native grass that harbors a fungal endophyte which produces alkaloids that can cause the host to become sleepy or non-responsive. Dr. Faeth's work with Dr. Nadja Cech of UNCG Chemistry, studies these fungal endophytes and their effects on the carrier plant and eventual hosts.

How Toxic Grass Puts Animals to Sleep, LiveScience.com

October, 2010