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University Program Specialist - Advanced

Building & Facilities Operations Manager

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, in conjunction with the Departments of Biology and Psychology are seeking a building manager for the Patricia Sullivan Science and Eberhart Buildings. The two buildings which are connected, include approximately 242,000 square feet of classroom, office and Chemistry / Biology/ Psychology research lab space.
The primary objective for this position is to conduct building operations at a high level in order to provide faculty, staff and students of the Chemistry, Biology and Psychology departments a highly productive environment. To conduct this job successfully, this person must also interface and coordinate with service providers such as Facilities Operations, Design and Construction, Housekeeping, Waste Management, Environmental Safety, Campus Police and external vendors to ensure that the building is operating at an optimum level.
The applicant must have the desire to provide excellent customer service, a solid work ethic, strong leadership, the ability to multitask and analytical skills to dissect and solve problems. The ideal applicant will have experience with the unique challenges of teaching and research and laboratory environments, including working with reagent water, gasses, chemicals and solvents.
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Research Specialist - Contributing

The Biology Department is searching for a Research Specialist to support two areas of need: (1) development and maintenance of the Department’s websites, including development of e-based forms and providing support for recruitment, advertising and marketing materials, and (2) providing technical support for complex instrumentation used for research and teaching activities (e.g. confocal microscopy, spectrophotometry, imaging equipment, etc.). This position also involves support to faculty and lecturers for the University’s learning management system (currently CANVAS).

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