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A Message from the Department Head:

As the Head of the Department of Biology, I am excited about the diverse and rich opportunities for undergraduate and graduate training and research at UNCG. The 21st century has been termed the century of Biology, with biomedical, biotechnological, biodiversity and environmental issues at the forefront of nearly every facet of our society. Biology provides the core for understanding and addressing these problems, from the cellular and molecular to the ecosystem and landscape levels of complexity. Biology forms a natural bridge to other disciplines such as chemistry, psychology, sociology, medicine, history, philosophy, geography and anthropology. Within the Department, undergraduate and graduate students experience the breadth of biology in the classroom, laboratory, and the field. Students are actively engaged in research in cell, molecular, physiology, neuroscience, plant science, genetics, ecology and evolution laboratories of the diverse and dedicated faculty in the Department. I welcome you to explore the countless educational and training opportunities in Biology, the science of life, at UNCG.


Stan Faeth
Head of the Department of Biology
(336) 334-4960

Dr. Stan Faeth reclining on a mountain.