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2012 publications by UNCG Biology Faculty:

UNCG color boxesMyosin heavy chain kinases play essential roles in Ca2+, but not cAMP, chemotaxis and the natural aggregation of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Wessels D, Lusche DF, Steimle PA, Scherer A, Kuhl S, Wood K, Hanson B, Egelhoff TT, Soll DR. 2012.
Journal of Cell Science. 2012 Oct 15;125(Pt 20):4934-44.

UNCG color boxesNeurotransmitters, Benthic Diatoms and Metamorphosis a Marine Snail.
Leise, E.M. and Cahoon, L.B. 2012.
In Snails: Biology, Ecology and Conservation. NovaPublishers.com, eds. E. Hämäläinen and S. Järvinen, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. pp1-43.

UNCG color boxesHydrodynamics and Marine Optics during Cold Fronts at Santa Rosa Island, Florida.
Keen, T.R. and R.H. Stavn. 2012.
Journal of Coastal Research, 28(5):1081-1095.

UNCG color boxesHybridization of Neotyphodium endophytes enhances competitive ability of the host grass.
Saari, S. and S.H. Faeth. 2012.
New Phytologist 195(1):231-236.

UNCG color boxesMultiple mating but not recombination causes quantitative increase in offspring genetic diversity for varying genetic architectures.
Rueppell, O., Meier, S., Deutsch, R. 2012.
PLoS One, 7(10):e47220.

UNCG color boxesComplex pleiotropy characterizes the pollen hoarding syndrome in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.).
Page, R.E., Fondrk, M.K., Rueppell, O. 2012.
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 66: 1459-1466.

UNCG color boxesGenetics of reproduction and regulation of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) social behavior.
Page, R.E., Rueppell, O., Amdam, G.V. 2012.
Annual Review of Genetics, 46: 97-119.

UNCG color boxesFitness Effects of Floral Plasticity and Thermoregulation in a Thermally Changing Environment.
Lacey, E.P., M.E. Lovin, S.J. Richter. 2012.
American Naturalist 180(3): 342-353.

UNCG color boxesUrban Biodiversity: Patterns, Processes and Implications for Conservation.
Faeth, S. H; Saari, S. and C. Bang. 2012.
In: eLS 2012, John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester. doi: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0023572

UNCG color boxesFungal endophytes of grasses and arthropod communities: lessons from plant-herbivore interactions.
Faeth, S.H. and S. Saari. 2012.
Fungal Ecology (invited review) 5(3): 364-371.

UNCG color boxesControl of arthropod abundances, richness and composition in a heterogeneous desert city.
Bang, C., S.H. Faeth and J. S. Sabo. 2012.
Ecological Monographs 82(1) 85-100.

UNCG color boxesDirect effect of acaricides on pathogen loads and gene expression levels in honey bees Apis mellifera.
Boncristiani, H., Underwood, R., Schwarz, R., Evans, J. D., Pettis, J., & vanEngelsdorp, D. (2012).
Journal of Insect Physiology, 58(5), 613–620. doi:10.1016/j.jinsphys.2011.12.011

UNCG color boxesIsraeli acute paralysis virus in Africanized honey bees in southeastern Brazilian Apiaries.
Teixeira, E. W., Chen, Y. P., Message, D., Boncristiani, H. F., Pettis, J. S., & Evans, J. D. (2012).
Journal Of Apicultural Research, 51(3), 282–284. doi:10.3896/IBRA.

UNCG color boxesPleiotropy of segregating genetic variants that affect honey bee worker life expectancy.
Dixon L.R., McQuage M.R., Lonon E.J., Buehler D., Seck O., Rueppell O. (2012).
Experimental Gerontology, 47: 631-637.

UNCG color boxesWorker ovary size and activation of Russian honey bees (Apis mellifera L.).
Munday M., Rinderer T.E., Rueppell O. (2012).
Journal of Apicultural Research, 51: 147-149.

UNCG color boxesEffects of causal networks on the structure and stability of resource allocation trait correlations.
Gove, R., R. Erwin, N. Zweber, W. Chen, J. Rychtář, and D. L. Remington. (2012).
Journal of Theoretical Biology, 293:1-14.

UNCG color boxesFungal Grass Endophytes And Arthropod Communities: Lessons From Plant Defence Theory And Multitrophic Interactions.
Faeth, S.H., Saari, S. (2012).
Fungal Ecology, 5:364-371.

UNCG color boxesMass-specific scattering cross sections of suspended sediments and aggregates: theoretical limits and applications.
Stavn, Robert H. (2012.)
Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 1: 201-219.

UNCG color boxesA review on self-destructive defense behaviors in social insects.
Shorter, J.R. and Rueppell, O. (2012).
Insectes Sociaux, 59: 1-10.

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