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2011 publications by UNCG Biology Faculty:

UNCG color boxes Extracting mineral effects on ultraviolet penetration and its effects in coastal and inland waters: A Monte Carlo study.
William E. Mulberry and Robert H. Stavn. November 2011.
Applied Optics, Vol. 50 Issue 31, 1.

UNCG color boxesVariation in arthropod communities in response to urbanization: Seven years of arthropod monitoring in a desert city.
Bang, C. and Faeth, S.H. 2011.
Landscape and Urban Planning. 103:383-399.

UNCG color boxesNuclear Structure and Chromosome Segregation in Drosophila Male Meiosis Depend on the Ubiquitin Ligase dTopors.
Matsui M, Sharma K, Cooke C, Wakimoto BT, Rasool M, Hayworth M, Hylton CA, Tomkiel JE. 2011 Sep 6.
Genetics. 2011 Sep 6. [Epub ahead of print]

UNCG color boxesA Drosophila Model for Genetic Analysis of Influenza Viral/Host Interactions.
Adamson, A.L., Chohan, K., Swenson, J., LaJeunesse, D.R. 2011.
Genetics. 2011 Jul 20. [Epub ahead of print]

UNCG color boxesLocal adaptation, phenotypic differentiation, and hybrid fitness in diverged natural populations of Arabidopsis lyrata.
Leinonen, P.H., Remington, D.L., Savolainen, O. 2011.
Evolution, 65(1): 90-107.

UNCG color boxesImidacloprid as a potential agent for the systemic control of sand flies.
Wasserberg, G., Poché, R., Miller, D., Chenault, M., Zollner, G., Rowton, E.D. 2011.
Journal of Vector Ecology, Mar;36 Suppl 1:S148-56.

UNCG color boxesSub-additive effect of conspecific eggs and frass on oviposition rate of Lutzomyia longipalpis and Phlebotomus papatasi.
Wasserberg, G., and Rowton, E.D. 2011.
Journal of Vector Ecology, Mar; 36 Suppl 1:S138-43.

UNCG color boxesCross-species correlation between queen mating numbers and worker ovary sizes suggests kin conflict may influence ovary size evolution in honeybees.
Rueppell, O., Phaincharoen, M., Kuster, R.D., Tingek, S. 2011.
Naturwissenschaften, 98: 795-799.

UNCG color boxesDictyostelium huntingtin controls chemotaxis and cytokinesis through the regulation of myosin II phosphorylation.
Wang Y., Steimle P.A., Ren Y., Ross C.A., Robinson D.N., Egelhoff T.T., Sesaki H., Iijima M. 2011.
Molecular Biology of the Cell, 22 (13):2270-2281.

UNCG color boxesFood manipulation in honeybees induces physiological responses at the individual and colony level.
Willard L.E., Hayes A.M., Wallrichs M.A., Rueppell, O. 2011.
Apidologie, 42:508-518.

UNCG color boxesA simple and distinctive microbiota exclusively associated with honey bees and bumble bees.
Martinson, V., Danforth, B.N., Minckley, R. Rueppell, O., Tingek, S., Moran, N. 2011.
Molecular Ecology, 20: 619-628.

UNCG color boxesA game theoretical analysis of the mating sign behavior in the honey bee.
Wilhelm, M.E., Chhetri, M., Rychtar, J., Rueppell, O. 2011.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 73: 626-638.

UNCG color boxesSupport for the reproductive ground plan hypothesis of social evolution and major QTL for ovary traits of Africanized worker honey bees (Apis mellifera L.).
Graham, A.M. Munday, M.D., Kaftanoglu, O., Page R.E. JR., Amdam G.V., Rueppell, O. 2011.
BMC Evolutionary Biology,11: 95.

UNCG color boxesGenetic architecture of ovary size and asymmetry in European honeybee workers.
Rueppell O., Metheny J.D., Linksvayer T.A., Fondrk M.K., Page R.E. Jr., Amdam G.V. 2011.
Heredity. 106: 894-903.

UNCG color boxesUrban biodiversity: patterns and mechanisms.
Faeth, S.H., Bang, C., and Saari, S. 2011.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1223: 69-81.

UNCG color boxesPrinciples of visual key construction – with a visual identification key to the Fagaceae of the southeastern United States.
Kirchoff, B.K., Leggett, R., Her, V., Morrison, J., and Poole, C. 2011.
AoB Plants. 1-60.

UNCG color boxesImage use in field guides and identification keys: review and recommendations.
Leggett, R. and Kirchoff, B.K. 2011.
AoB Plants. 1-97.

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