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2010 publications by UNCG Biology Faculty:

UNCG color boxesPeristalsis in the junction region of the Drosophila larval midgut is modulated by DH31 expressing enteroendocrine cells.
LaJeunesse, D.R., Johnson, B., Presnell, J.S., Catignas, K.K., Zapotoczny, G. 2010.
BMC Physiology, Aug 10; 10:14.

UNCG color boxesPaedomorphosis, Secondary Woodiness, and Insular Woodiness in Plants.
Dulin, M.W. and Kirchoff, B.K. 2010.
Botanical Review (86 pages). DOI 10.1007/s12229-010-9057-5.

UNCG color boxesCalcium distribution and function in the glandular trichomes of Lavandula pinnata L.
Huang, S-S., Liao, J-P. and Kirchoff, B.K. 2010.
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 137:1-15.

UNCG color boxesAsexual endophytes in a native grass: tradeoffs in mortality, growth, reproduction and alkaloid production.
Faeth, S.H., Hayes, C. and Gardner, D.R. 2010.
Microbial Ecology. 60(4): 496-504.

UNCG color boxesThe effects of endophytes on seed production and seed predation of tall fescue and meadow fescue.
Saari, S., Melander, M., Faeth, S.H., and Saikkonen, K. 2010.
Microbial Ecology. 60(4): 928-934.

UNCG color boxesAltruistic self-removal of health-compromised honey bee workers from their hive.
Rueppell, O., Hayworth, M.K., Ross, N.P. 2010.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 23: 1538-1546.

UNCG color boxesComparative linkage mapping suggests a high recombination rate in all honey bees.
Meznar, E.R., Gadau, J., Koeniger, N., Rueppell, O. 2010.
Journal of Heredity. 101: S118-S126.

UNCG color boxesAsexual Endophytes in a Native Grass: Tradeoffs in Mortality, Growth, Reproduction, and Alkaloid Production
Faeth, S.H., Hayes, C.J., and Gardner, D.R.
Microbial Ecology. 60(3): 496-504.

UNCG color boxesInherited microbial symbionts increase herbivore abundances and alter arthropod diversity on a native grass.
Faeth, S.H. and E. Shochat. 2010.
Ecology. 91:1329-1343.

UNCG color boxesAsexual endophytes and associated alkaloids alter community structure and increase herbivore abundances on a native grass.
Jani, A., S.H. Faeth and D.R. Gardner. 2010.
Ecology Letters. 13:106-117.

UNCG color boxesHybridization in endophytic symbionts alters host response to moisture and nutrient treatments.
Hamilton, C.E., S.H. Faeth and T.E. Dowling.
Microbial Ecology. 59:768-775.

UNCG color boxesOccam's razor cuts both ways: endophytes, resource allocation and mutualism. A reply to Rudgers et al.
Faeth, S.H. 2010.
The American Naturalist. 176:104-110.

UNCG color boxesInvasion, Competition, and Biodiversity Loss in Urban Ecosystems.
Shohcat E, Lerman SB, Anderies JM, Warren PS, S.H. Faeth, and Nilon CH. 2010.
Bioscience. Mar;60(3):199-208.

UNCG color boxesFloral Reflectance, Color, and Thermoregulation: What Really Explains Geographic Variation in Thermal Acclimation Ability of Ectotherms?
EP Lacey, ME Lovin, SJ Richter, DA Herington. 2010
The American Naturalist. Mar;175(3):335-49.

UNCG color boxesIdentification of a new mechanism for targeting myosin II heavy chain phosphorylation by Dictyostelium myosin heavy chain kinase B.
(2010) Underwood J, Greene J, Steimle PA.
BMC Res Notes. Mar 3;3(1):56.

UNCG color boxesWD repeat domain of Dictyostelium myosin heavy chain kinase C functions in both substrate targeting and cellular localization.
(2010) Franklin A, Hyatt L, Chowdhury A, Steimle PA.
Eukaryot Cell. 2010 Feb;9(2):344-9.

UNCG color boxesAsexual endophytes and associated alkaloids alter community structure and increase herbivore abundances on a native grass.
Andrea J. Jani, Stanley H. Faeth and Dale Gardner. 2010
Ecology Letters 13:106-117.

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